Queensland South Sea Pearls
queensland south sea pearls
Queensland South Sea Pearls (QSSP), through its past ownership of pearl farming operations in Far North Queensland, cultivated and harvested a deep inventory of beautiful Australian South Sea Pearls. Over the years the Company has developed quite a bit of expertise in creating wonderful pieces of jewellery from these pearls, especially in matching earrings and strands as well as exclusive pendants and rings. Given its huge stock of Australian South Sea Pearls QSSP enjoys a unique advantage when needing to blend and match loose pearls into finished pieces. Of course, QSSP is happy to sell any quantity of loose pearls whether it be one or two pearls or bulk parcels.

The Company offers to sell its pearls to all interested customers and will offer wholesale terms to legitimate participants in that part of the business. QSSP is also happy to hire out more expensive items such as strands. So if you need some strands for a special function such as a wedding please be sure to ask!

The Company has also developed an extensive network in the jewellery industry and as such can source just about any kind of pearl you may require, for example Akoya and Tahitian pearls, and also has connections in the diamond and gem businesses. If you have a jewellery need just ask QSSP!


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